Saturday, January 28, 2012

MTC Namibia MMS Setup for Windows Mobile

Start button
Connections tab
Select the Advanced tab
Select the Select Networks button
Select the New… button under the first dropdown menu
On the general tab
Enter the name for the connection: MTC-MMS
On the modem Tab
Select: New button
Connection name: MTC-MMS
Select a modem: Cellular line (GPRS)
Access point name: mms
User name: mmsc
Password: mmsc
Domain: blank
Select: OK and close the settings

Next step: Setup the MMS Application to use the new MTC-MMS connection
we just created.

Select: Start>Messaging
Select: Tools menu at the bottom of the screen
Select: MMS Settings...
On the Servers tab
Select: New button
Server Name: MTC-MMS
Port Number: 80
Server address: or
Connect via: MTC-MMS
Size: 300k (you might set this smaller)
WAP version: WAP 2.0
Select: OK
Select the MTC-MMS entry and set it to default by pressing the Set As Default button
Select: OK

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